Review Policy


Below you will find my review preferences, what you can expect, and blog tour information.

I am happy to read both physical and ebook copies from authors and publishers so please do use the contact page to get in touch! I try my absolute hardest to review every book I am sent both on here and across my retail and social media pages.

I like to read:

– Young Adult
– Contemporary
– High Fantasy
– Middle Grade
– Beginner Reader
– Picture Books
– Children’s Non-Fiction
– Manga

I don’t like to read:

– Dystopian
– Literary Fiction
– Science Fiction
– Horror

I try to keep all my reviews to a similar style, although this always evolving to make my reviews better. I like to title the review with a meaningful quote from the book, followed by the title and author. I then rate the book out of five, and give a one sentence summary, before proceeding to review the book with what I thought about it and why I gave it the rating I did. I always thank the publisher/publicist/author for sending me their book in my reviews. The featured image is taken from my Instagram page where I will always post a picture of the book, either when I receive it or close to/on publication date.

All of my reviews are honest, although I do try to be as positive about a book as I can be, or provide constructive criticism. That said, I try to review books from genres I love.

All of my reviews are shared on my Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles (and NetGalley where appropriate) accounts.

I would also love to get involved in blog tours so please use the contact page to get in touch! For those I’m happy to have guest posts, reviews, interviews…I’m happy to work with you to create something that works!