RELEASED: 04/10/2018
GENRE: Picture Book, Children’s, Christmas

A brilliantly funny Christmas picture book from the bestselling author of Oi Frog!

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and Santa is ever so busy … he’s got presents to wrap, reindeer to wake and a sleigh to start. But has he forgotten something? And, more importantly, will he be ready in time?

Inspired by Clement C. Moore’s classic festive poem, this hilarious, rhyming picture book is sure to have you ho ho ho-ing!

As soon as I saw Kes Gray’s name on the cover of this Christmas book, I just bought it, and I’m so glad that I did! Along with his typical fun rhymes in a story that’s both fun to read and listen to, Claire Powell’s illustrations are beautiful and really bring the story of Christmas Eve Eve to life!

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is an enchanting book that’ll bring fun and laughter to everyone’s Christmas preparations, telling the story of how Father Christmas gets ready for a busy night! I can’t recommend this book highly enough and it has immediately become one of my festive favourites!


My Year of Audible: 2018

It’s scary to think that I’m already over halfway through Blogmas 2018! Today I am going to share with you some of the audiobooks that I have loved this year; although I’ve not listened as frequently lately, I have got some brilliant audiobooks this year!

The Goldfish Boy – Lisa Thompson narrated by Leon Williams

The Truth Pixie – Matt Haig narrated by Matt Haig

Notes on a Nervous Planet – Matt Haig narrated by Matt Haig

The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles narrated by Cynthia Holloway

I Was Born For This – Alice Oseman narrated by Aysha Kala, Huw Parmenter

The Exact Opposite of Okay – Laura Steven narrated by Laura Aikman

Legendary – Stephanie Garner narrated by Rebecca Soler

To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo narrated by Jacob York, Stephanie Willis

Daughter of the Pirate King – Tricia Levenseller narrated by Marisa Calin

Although I haven’t got around to finishing listening to all of these, I have loved the freedom of having an Audible membership and having some wonderful titles added to my audiobook library!

Have you listened to any of these, or are there any you’d recommend?

The Festive Christmas Book Tag

It’s already day 17 of Blogmas…December really is flying! I saw this tag over on Jenn‘s blog, taken from the original tag by the booktuber GirlReading, and I had to have a go!

1. A fictional family you would like to spend Christmas dinner with?

The first question is actually the hardest on here! I’m not too sure…I’d probably like to spend it with Clay’s family from Thirteen Reasons Why; his parents seem so lovely!

2. A bookish item you would like to receive as a gift?

Beautiful bookmarks! I’m such a sucker for them, and I have my eye on the ones from Sonnet and Fable over on Etsy!

3. A fictional character you think would make a perfect Christmas elf?

Of course it has to be Dobby! Socks for everyone!

4. Match a book to its perfect Christmas song.

In a way, I’d probably say Last Christmas by Wham! would match up to All The Bright Places…it’s got that air of sadness and nostalgia to it.

5. Bah Humbug. A book or fictional character you’ve been disappointed in and should be put on the naughty list?

Floored. It was good…but for so many of my favourite authors, I just didn’t love it unfortunately!

6. A book or a fictional character you think deserves more love and appreciation and deserve to be put on the nice list?

Sunflowers in February by Phyllida Shrimpton is one of the most wonderful books to come out this year, and it definitely doesn’t get as much love as it deserves! Expect to find it as a nominee for this year’s snailycanflyy Book Award!

7. Red, Gold and Green. A book cover that has a wonderfully Christmassy feel to it.

I would say that the original cover for Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is lovely and Christmassy!

8. A book or series you love so much, you want everyone to find under their Christmas tree this year so they can read it and love it too?

THE TRUTH PIXIE! Did you really expect anything else?!

That was a really fun tag to do! I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you fancy doing a quick Christmassy tag, this is the one for you!



Young Adult Books for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been looking for some YA Christmas books to read, and was happy to discover that there are a few that I needed to add to my TBR! For day 16 of Blogmas, I thought that I would share those with you!

Almost Midnight – Rainbow Rowell

My True Love Gave To Me – Various

Let It Snow – Various




The Chaos of Standing Still – Jessica Brody

What Light – Jay Asher

All Wrapped Up – Holly Smale




Have you read any of these? Are there any YA Christmas books that I’ve missed?





Gifts for the Potter Nerd

As you may or may not know, I work for Boots, and although I now work in the healthcare department, it doesn’t stop me from getting super excited about the Christmas range when it comes into store. This is a long overdue post; back in October I heard that we were getting an exciting new range in store for Christmas, which combines my love of makeup with books!


The gifts include eye shadow palettes for all the houses, bath bombs, creams, brushes, makeup bags, nail varnish…and it’s all Harry Potter themed!

These are just a few of the products you can find, and they’re some of my favourite gifts available this year – perfect for the bookworm in your life! Plus, they are available on the 3for2 mix and match offer which makes them even better!

Have you seen this range? Which items would you like to get for Christmas?



The Christmas Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 13! Today’s post has been inspired by Hailey, who did a really fun video the other day and so I decided that I’d love to have a go…so, presenting

The Christmas Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

1. A book set during Christmas

What Light by Jay Asher

2. Five cold words

Frostblood -Elly Blake
Winter Magic – Abi Elphinstone
A Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J Maas
The Snow Spider – Jenny Nimmo
The Storm Whale in Winter – Benji Davies

3. A red and green book cover

The Apple Tart of Hope – Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

4. A character with a festive name

A Boy Called Christmas – Matt Haig

5. A festive object

Mistletoe and Murder – Robin Stevens

6. A book with baking in it

Cookie – Jacqueline Wilson

7. A book cover with a wintery scene

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express – Maudie Powell-Tuck

8. A book cover with silver and gold

Cogheart – Peter Bunzl

9. A book that was a gift

The Great Good Thing – Roderick Townley

10. A title that describes how Christmas shopping feels

I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

11. Spell Santa Claus using book titles

Say Her Name – Juno Dawson
A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness, Siobhan Dowd
Nickolai of the North – Lucy Daniel Raby
Tom’s Midnight Garden – Philippa Pearce
All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

Can You Keep A Secret – Sophie Kinsella
Legendary – Stephanie Garber
Always With Love – Giovanna Fletcher
Under Rose-Tainted Skies – Louise Gornall
Sunflowers in February – Phyllida Shrimpton


The Christmas Stocking Tag

Day 10 of Blogmas is here and with it comes a new tag to have a go at! This time, I really want to do a brand new tag from Kate who has created The Christmas Stocking Tag featuring all the things you’d hope to find in your stocking at Christmas! If you haven’t already, go check out her Blogmas posts; I’ve been really enjoying her content!


  • Link to the person who tagged you

  • Link to me, as I’d love to read your answers

  • Answer all 10 questions, choosing books for each theme

  • Tag five people to do this

You get up on Christmas morning and your stocking is full! You take it down and start to unwrap the treats inside. The first thing you see is…

i was born for thisAn orange! Which book is refreshing and vibrant, both inside and out?

I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman. It’s bright orange. Of course I had to go for it! This is one of my top books of 2018, with some fantastic characters who are diverse and very real.

The next thing you see is a bag of chocolate coins. (Yum) Which book have you recently bought that was expensive, but totally worth the high price?

I don’t buy expensive books these days (saving for a house costs lots!), but I did recently pay full price for a picture book which was totally worth it. Last Stop on the Reindeer Express is absolutely beautiful and worth every penny!

You also pull out a bath bomb. Tell us about a book that had explosive action scenes.

I’d probably have to go for the Throne of Glass series. I’m not a big action reader, but this one keeps me on the edge of my seat as I can’t wait to turn each and every page!

Next is a pack of playing cards. Which series won you over?

A Court of Thorns and Roses. At first I hated it, but I tried it again and fell completely in love with the story!

You also get a candle. Which character is a symbol of hope in their story?

Hmm…I’d have to go for All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Although this book is a total sobfest, there is so much hope and brightness tucked in among its pages.

to kill a kingdomThere are socks inside too. Is there a book that you think really encompasses all the distinctive tropes of its genre?

I’d have to go for To Kill a Kingdom. It’s absolutely wonderful, but definitely covers all the bases!

There’s also a notebook. Which author’s writing process do you find most interesting/inspiring?

I don’t really know a lot about the writing processes many authors go through, but I am really enjoying seeing how Lucy Powrie‘s debut novel The Paper & Hearts Society is developing!

To go with the notebook, there’s a fancy pen. Is there a book or a series that you’d change if you’d written it yourself?

I’d probably change Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen because it started off so promising but ended up being a big disappointment.

There’s also a small bedside clock. Which book took you a long time to pick up but was worth it in the end?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I was so wary of this one, especially once all the mixed reviews started coming in, but I adored it when I finally got around to it!

opposite of alwaysYour pile is getting really big. You reach in to pull out the last gift and it’s… a lump of coal? You’re a little disappointed. But you look closer and realise there’s a seam running through the coal. You crack it open and sitting inside is a tiny golden snitch. Tell us about a book that surprised you in some way.

Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds is one that definitely surprised me; I’m not a big reader of diverse books, but I found this one really easy to engage with and get in to. It was such a pleasant surprise!

I really enjoyed this tag! It’s one where you have to think a little bit more, but that was half of the fun. I tag Jenn and Cora, and anyone else who would like to have a go at seeing what’s in their Christmas stocking this year!


Bookish Advent Calendar 2018: Week 1

So, over on my Instagram, I’ve been hosting a bookish advent calendar where I am showcasing some of the best wintery and festive books! Each week, I am going to round up the doors that I’ve opened and show you which books I’ve discovered!

Week One:
the story orchestra the nutcracker












I wonder which books I’ll discover next week!


PENGUIN PROBLEMS – Jory John, Lane Smith

penguin problems5/5

Penguin Problems is SO GOOD!

What I love about this book is that it can be both hilarious and meaningful at the same time with a wonderfully grumpy penguin as the main character. His life is just full of problems…or so he thinks, because, whilst he may be having a difficult time, he’s got so much that isn’t a problem.

We start off meeting this fed up penguin and see him have a particularly trying day full of things that irritate him (which I’m sure many people can relate to!), but, after he meets a walrus who shows him how he’s exactly where he needs to be, he starts to see the positivity in everything…for a while anyway!

This is definitely one of my go to books to buy for all my friends and family just because of how relatable and entertaining it is, as well as Lane Smith’s beautiful illustrations which capture Penguin’s personality perfectly!

Thank you to Jo at Walker for sending me a copy of this book!

LAST STOP ON THE REINDEER EXPRESS – Maudie Powell-Tuck, Karl James Mountford


No picture can quite do justice to the sheer beauty of this meaningful Christmas picture book. This was a total cover buy – as soon as I recognised it as being illustrated by  Karl James Mountford, I bought it there and then having no clue about what was inside. So, when I sat down to read this book, I was captivated by story and the beautiful illustrations!

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express is a Christmas tale full of warmth and meaning. With more and more families not being the traditional nuclear family, at Christmas children can often feel torn and unsure about who they’ll spend Christmas with. This book tackles this difficult topic in a sensitive way that shows those children that they’re not alone, and that no matter who they spend Christmas with, they are loved.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough; whether or not it’s a book that’s relevant to your own situation, it’s a joy to read and the illustrations are magical! It’s definitely one to add to your bookshelf this Christmas.