Book Review Index

Below you’ll find links to all my book reviews (I will try to keep on top of this as much as possible!), ordered by author’s surname.


Ainsworth, Eve – Because Of You
Albert, Melissa – The Hazel Wood
Alexander, Tom – Sometimes I Feel Sad
Anderson, Laura Ellen – Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball


Ballard, Bronwen – Your Mind is Like the Sky
Barnard, Sara – Fierce Fragile Hearts
Barnard, Sara – Goodbye, Perfect
Barnard, Sara – A Quiet Kind of Thunder
Barr, Emily – The One Memory of Flora Banks
Barr, Emily – The Truth and Lies of Ella Black
Barua, TA – Arcacia
Beashel, Amy – The Sky Is Mine
Bell, Jennifer – The Smoking Hourglass
Biddulph, Rob – Happy Hatchday
Bishop, Sylvia – The Bookshop Girl
Blyton, Enid – New Class at Malory Towers
Bourne, Holly – …And A Happy New Year?


Cassidy, Anne – Looking for JJ
Cheng, Jack – See You In The Cosmos
Christo, Alexandra – To Kill a Kingdom
Clarke, Cat – We Are Young
Clarke, Jane – Firefly Home
Courtney-Tickle, Jessica – The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day
Courtney-Tickle, Jessica – The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker
Courtney-Tickle, Jessica – The Story Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty
Crowley, Cath – Words in Deep Blue


Donnelly, Jennifer – Stepsister




Featherstone, Kay – A Pinch of Nom
Fitzgerald, Sarah Moore – The List of Real Things


Garber, Stephanie – Legendary
Gibbs, Andrew – Baby Bird
Giordano, Chloe – Read To Your Baby Everyday
Glasgow, Kathleen – Girl in Pieces
Gledhill, Carly – Monty and Sylvester: A Tale of Everyday Super Heroes
Gordon, Bryony – You Got This
Gosling, Sharon – The Golden Butterfly
Gray, Kes – Mum and Dad Glue
Gray, Kes – The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
Gray, Kes – Worries Go Away
Griffiths, Elly – A Girl Called Justice


Haig, Matt – The Truth Pixie
Harcourt, Maggie – Unconventional
Haughton, Chris – Oh No, George!
Haughton, Chris – Shh! We Have A Plan
Henn, Sophy – Almost Anything
Henn, Sophy – Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser
Hennessy, Claire – Nothing Tastes As Good
Hogan, Bex – Viper
Howarth, Naomi – The Night Dragon
Hughes, Emily – Wild


Ibbotson, Eva – Which Witch?


Jeffers, Oliver – A Child of Books
John, Jory – Penguin Problems


Kemmerer, Brigid – More Than We Can Tell


Levy, Lawrence – To Pixar and Beyond
Litchfield, David – The Bear, The Piano, The Dog and the Fiddle
Lucas, Rachael – My Box-Shaped Heart


Maisano, Cathy – Whitehaven Beach
Mandela, Ambassador Zindzi – Grandad Mandela
Mathieu, Jennifer – The Truth About Alice
McAllister, Angela – A Stage Full of Shakespeare Stories
McCombie, Karen – St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-Along Zombies
Morelli, Frank – No Sad Songs
Moss, Caroline – Work It Girl: J.K. Rowling


Nielsen, Susin – Optimists Die First
Niven, Jennifer – Holding Up The Universe
Noble, Paul – Unlocking French/Unlocking Spanish


O’Hara, Natalia – The Bandit Queen
O’Hart, Sinéad – The Star-Spun Web
Oseman, Alice – Heartstopper: Volume 1
Oseman, Alice – I Was Born For This


Pass, Nina de – The Year After You
Pinborough, Sarah – 13 Minutes
Powell-Tuck, Maudie – Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
Powrie, Lucy – The Paper & Hearts Society
Priestley, Chris – Seven Ghosts




Rahman, Yasmin – All The Things We Never Said
Reynolds, Justin A. – Opposite of Always
Robinson, Tammy – Differently Normal
Rosen, Michael – Clever Cakes
Rutter, Bethany – No Big Deal


Schwab, V.E. – The Near Witch
Shrimpton, Phyllida – Sunflowers in February
Smale, Holly – The Valentines: Happy Girl Lucky
Spangler, Jenni – The Vanishing Trick
Steven, Laura – The Exact Opposite of Okay
Stevens, Robin – The Case of the Blue Violet
Stevens, Robin – The Case of the Deepdean Vampire
Stevens, Robin – A Spoonful of Murder
Stewart, Martin – The Sacrifice Box


Taylor, Thomas – Malamander
Taylor, Thomas – Gargantis
Thompson, Lisa – The Goldfish Boy
Thompson, Lisa – The Light Jar
Trelease, Gita – Enchantée
Trim, Heather – Wingbound


Umanksy, Kaye – Witch for a Week
Umanksy, Kaye – Wish for a Witch


Various – Floored
Various – Return to Wonderland
Vegara, Isabel Sánchez – Ada Lovelace
Vegara, Isabel Sánchez – Anne Frank
Vegara, Isabel Sánchez – Georgia O’Keeffe
Vegara, Isabel Sánchez – Harriet Tubman
Vegara, Isabel Sánchez – Josephine Baker
Vere, Ed – How To Be A Lion
Vlahos, Len – Life in a Fishbowl


Watt, Fiona – That’s Not My Llama…
Watt, Fiona – That’s Not My Unicorn…
Williamson, Lisa – All About Mia
Wilson, Jacqueline – Love Frankie
Woodcock, Fiona – Hiding Heidi
Wycoff, Stephanie – Now I Know My Avocados



Yates, Robbie – Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo