Six for Sunday: 27th January 2019

It’s the last Six for Sunday of January – one month into 2019 already! This is a meme hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot! Today’s theme is:

Bookish Beginnings: Bookish Hates

  1. Cover changes mid series
  2. Poorly written books, such as those by PC and Kristin Cast, where it’s very clear that the authors wrote it for a class and it isn’t good enough for publication!
  3. Books about abuse that are too graphic or uncomfortable to read, such as Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield. I don’t get why people love this book; it’s awful!
  4. Picture books with no purpose or with poor morals…which leads on to my next point:
  5. Julia Donaldson
  6. This is going to be more controversial, but I really dislike books where the diversity is thrown in your face; I like it when characters of different races and sexual orientations are part of the story and it’s just a matter of fact, rather than being such a massive deal. I hope that makes sense!

This was quite an interesting topic to think about; something that one person hates, another may love! What are your bookish hates?



4 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: 27th January 2019

  1. Rainyshadows says:

    It is really hard to criticize someone’s hard work but cliched plot lines that take the readers for granted are a huge disappointment. A couple of years ago I bought a book by a famous Indian author. The one line plot sounded regular but I trusted the author because his previous works were a huge success and pre ordered it. But since the author’s previous books were made into commercially successful movies, it seemed the book was written for a crappy bollywood movie.

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    • snailycanflyy says:

      I think I was put off by her since being a bookseller and seeing parents ignore all this amazing talent just because they knew her name, and she’s been known to be vile to the people she works with and customers! But that’s fair enough; I know a lot of people who love The Gruffalo!


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