Book Unhauling

So, a topic that I have found very difficult to decide how I feel about it…

BOOK UNHAUL – the opposite of a book haul, that is to say when you get rid of books from your shelves.

I am a hoarder.

Admittedly, I do have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and so it’s kind of a symptom of this condition, but, that aside, I’ve always felt that I just have a slightly more panic inducing reaction to something that many people find difficult anyway! Us book lovers have immense pride in our collections of books that have amassed over the years, and I am definitely no exception. I’d always wanted to have 1000 books by the time I was 18, and I don’t think I quite hit that, but at 24 I quite possibly have!

But then comes the dilemma.



I have no room for books! My shelves are all double stacked, on their sides, bagged up, all over my room! I also feel that when I move out, I’ve got to somehow transport all of these books which will be difficult. And so, taking inspiration from my bookseller bestie Charlie, I decided it was about time I unhauled some books.

Charlie unhauls regularly, which I have no idea how she does it, but it means that I gain a lot of books, as does the charity shop, and she gains a sense of liberation and achievement. And most importantly, space… (for more books.)

I felt that it was time that I followed suit this week, and so yesterday I did my first big unhaul…and I kinda get it! I feel quite free as I’ve cleared out two massive bags worth of books that I will never read and many I had no idea why I’d even got them in the first place! Admittedly, the majority of books I got rid of were either proofs or books I was sent but had no interest in. But still, I am so so proud of myself! I didn’t have a panic attack either which was a massive bonus.

I still find book unhauling difficult; I’m very emotionally attached to things and find it hard to get rid of that guilt, but, at the same time, it means that these books are going to a better place where someone will love them and enjoy them and so surely that’s a good thing.

What are your feelings about book unhauls?

4 thoughts on “Book Unhauling

  1. readinginthewings says:

    I JUST did this yesterday when I was spring cleaning my apartment, and it was hard! Some of those books had been on my shelves for years, and even though I had no interest in reading/re-reading them, it was still hard to not see them on my bookshelf anymore! Good for you for getting rid of so many!

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  2. Emma's Library says:

    I often unhaul books and I recently took a few to my local bookshop for their second-hand shelf a few days ago. I usually unhaul those books I don’t like and have no interest in reading/re-reading because I don’t see the point in them taking up vital shelf space. It might hurt to remove some books but I often find it rather cleansing as well.

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