A fun new book aimed at more confident readers from the talented Sophy Henn.

As a fan of Sophy Henn’s picture books, I was very excited to see that she has a series for young readers coming out and Bad Nana didn’t disappoint! Bad Nana is such a likeable character that people young and old will love her – she’s always up to mischief!

Older Not Wiser introduces us to 8-year-old Jeanie, our narrator, as she tells us of some of the tricks that her Bad Nana has gotten up to. Jeanie is such a sweet narrator, and, along with Sophy’s distinctive illustrations, she really comes to life through the stories she’s telling. What I liked about the format of this book is that you can dip in and out of it as it’s made up of three parts, which makes this an easy book to enjoy.

I think that younger readers will love this series; it reminds me a bit of Judy Moody. There’s just enough silliness to keep you engaged, but it’s all with a purpose and adds to the warmth of the book.

Thank you very much to Harper Collins via NetGalley for the eBook of this title!

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