WE ARE YOUNG – Cat Clarke


Another fantastic, gripping and thought-provoking book from Cat Clarke.

What a wonderful read this was! I couldn’t put down We Are Young – I was desperate to get back to reading it whilst I was at work because it just grips you and makes you want to solve the mystery.

We Are Young is a young adult mystery centered around a car crash that leaves one sole survivor. Everyone seems to think it’s a simple case of being drugs related, but Evan, our main character, believes that there’s more than meets the eye…

Evan is such a likeable main character – she’s flawed, relatable and very sharp. One thing I liked as well is that she’s dealing with conflicting emotions over her relationships, which have been with both boys and girls. However, this wasn’t the focus of the book and was just a part of her character makeup, thus normalising these feelings which can only be a positive!

Another thing is the focus on mental health with this book touching upon the devastating effects that depression and bipolar can have. Cat Clarke writes about mental health issues perfectly, and We Are Young is no exception.

I would absolutely recommend this book for fans of Cat’s previous books, as well as lovers of YA mysteries and contemporaries.

Thank you to Hachette via NetGalley for the eBook of this title!

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