Six for Sunday: 15th April 2018

Hello and happy Sunday! I have had a full weekend off – it’s insane! After two terms doing 6 days a week, I’m very happy that I get more time off work, even though I LOVE my new job! Anyway…

You can find the prompts for S4S here. This week’s is:

Favourite places to read…

1. Warwick Castle

I went here yesterday because it was strangely sunny in England, so my friend and I decided that we’d go to the castle to read!

2. In bed

Probably my favourite place to read; it’s so comfy

3. The quiet room at work

4. My grandparent’s house

5. My best friend’s house

We’re antisocial and read when we’re together.

6. On the floor in my bedroom 

Where do you like to read? This was actually quite hard to come up with for me!



One thought on “Six for Sunday: 15th April 2018

  1. selliott16 says:

    Reading in a castle sounds regal and noble. I need to try that!
    My best friend and I read when we’re together too… that’s how you know you’ve got a good one!

    Thanks for joining in! See you next week for more #SixforSunday! S x

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