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I was tagged by Jessica at Reading With Jessica – thank you! I love Jessica’s blog, so you should definitely go and check it out!

1. Answer the questions below
2. Credit the creator Jamie @ALittleSliceofJamie
3. Tag at least 5 people
4. Have fun!

1. Where do you typically write your blog posts?

On my laptop

2. How long does it generally take you to write a book review? 

Once I actually sit down properly to write it and have finished faffing about with the tags and everything, not too long. I try not to feel like I have to write an essay so that I am purely putting down my thoughts and how I would sell the book.

3. When did you start your book blog? 

I started properly blogging this year, though I do have a few posts from December 2017.

4. What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion? 

The pressure you put yourself under to hit goals and review books in time, get the views you want and comparing yourself to others.

5. What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion? 

Discussing books and getting involved with promoting a book – if I can persuade just one person to read a book and help that author out then I’m happy! It’s a way I get to use the skills I had as a bookseller for some purpose and for the enjoyment of it.

6. What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far? 

It’s so hard to pick just one! One I think that I enjoyed writing in the sense of it was getting a load of stuff that I’ve wanted to write about for a while out was my one on bookshops.

7. What is your favorite type of blog post to write? 

I love WWW Wednesday posts; they’re just so easy to write and it’s fun reflecting on what you’ve been reading, are reading and are going to read!

8. When do you typically write? 

I tend to write in the evening.

9. Do you review every book you read? 

I try to review as many books that I’ve read as I can; lately I’ve had lots of ARCs to read so I do try to get out my reviews as soon as I can for those. When I get around to reading more backlist I do want to try to review them as well.

10. How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby? 

I start off by rating then just try to start typing and not putting it off! I tend to put off writing the review until I’ve faffed about with all the tags and everything.

11. When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book? 

It depends – if it’s really far away from publication I might leave writing the review until nearer the time, but generally I try to do it within a week or so of finishing the book.

12. How often do you post? 

I try to post a few times a week – my favourite tags are WWW Wednesday and Six for Sunday and I do try to make sure that I always do at least one of these a week!


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