WINGBOUND – Heather Trim

4/5 so far

Full review to come.

“Ledger is supposed to fear and despise the Sky People of Ellery. When an Ellerian girl named Alouette with beautiful, white wings sneaks into his village, everything changes. With his village at war with the winged people who live on the floating island that circles their world, he does the unthinkable: he befriends her. 

In Ledger’s seventeenth harvest, Ellery returns empty. The Sky People are gone, Alouette is missing, and Ledger must make a difficult choice—continue life as usual in the blacksmith workshop or board the island against the elders’ wishes and find her. 

From debut author Heather Trim comes a vibrant fantasy where following the rules isn’t always the right thing to do when you were born to be the exception.” – Goodreads

Okay, so I was very lucky and was asked if I would like to review a new Young Adult fantasy book from debut author Heather Trim. It sounded right up my street fantasy book-wise and the reviews already are fantastic – I couldn’t wait to get my review out there too! You may have noticed me talking in the past-tense and that this is very different to my usual style of review; I haven’t actually read all of this book *hangs head in shame*. However, what I have read is so good that I simply didn’t want to DNF it just because I’m not in the mood for fantasy books at the minute! The past month or so has seen me have lots of uni assignments to do, become very unhappy in my current job and so getting a new job and lots and lots of book releases that I had copies of via NetGalley, so, as you can imagine, it’s been very hectic! The books I have read have all been contemporaries – it’s my favourite genre and has been what I’ve needed to read to keep me sane so fantasies and historical fiction have really taken a backseat.

But I really want to raise some awareness about this exciting new book!

So, from what I have read, with Wingbound you are guaranteed a fast-paced book with some fantastic world-building and characters. Heather Trim’s writing style is so easy to get into and she doesn’t fall into the trap that I’ve come across so often with debut authors of being overly descriptive of everything. She gives just enough detail to create a vibrant image in your head which is perfect for me! Going on other reviews and my reading experience so far, what’s to come can only get better!

I fully intend to continue reading Wingbound as soon as I’m in the mood for fantasy and life settles down a bit, which hopefully will be soon!

Thank you very much to Shayla and Heather for sending me an eBook of Wingbound!

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