Six for Sunday: 25th March 2018

Hello and happy Sunday, even though that means it’s the day before Monday and back to work boo! You can find the prompts for S4S here. This week’s is:

Characters you think wouldn’t want to be friends with

This is actually trickier to think of than it seems; there are villains in so many books that it’s hard to narrow it down, but then there’s also the question of in a contemporary YA book for example it may just be a character that you wouldn’t be friends with in real life. I’m going to go for characters from the latter.

1. Danny Wells (The Exact Opposite of Okay)

2. Bryce Walker (Thirteen Reasons Why)

3. Ethan (More Than We Can Tell)

4. Brandon Fitzsimmons (The Truth About Alice)

5. Elaine O’Dea (The Truth About Alice)

6. Kelsie Sanders (The Truth About Alice)

If you’ve read any of these, I hope you can see why I wouldn’t want to be friends with any of these! Do you agree or disagree with any I’ve chosen? 


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