Six for Sunday: 25th February 2018

Happy Sunday! I’m being grumpy today because I have to go back to work tomorrow after a week off and I really don’t want to! It’s S4S time hurrah! You can find the prompts here. This week’s is:

Film Interpretations of Books

I’ve decided to continue on my grumpy theme, and go for the six worst film adaptations.

1. The Twilight Saga

Would this list be complete without it? They’re one of those series that you have to love to hate; there’s a little part of you that secretly enjoys them!

2. Confessions of a Shopaholic

I enjoyed this film. As a film. As a book adaptation – IT WAS AWFUL. Becky Bloomwood is a British character who is hilarious because of being so British, so the American interpretation of her character just wasn’t good! Add to that that Luke Brandon is so dreamy in the book but just not the same in the film and you’re all set for a rubbish adaptation.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey

The book was awful. The film was even worse. I don’t have the words for this terrible Twilight fan-fiction.

4. Thirteen Reasons Why

This is an odd one for me to put on here; it’s one of my all time favourite books, I adored the Netflix series. However, as an adaptation it could’ve been better and much less thrilleresque and more real to the book.

5. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Incredible book…film, not so. Even the author doesn’t like it.

6. The Spiderwick Chronicles

Ugh! I loved the books so much growing up, and this is one of the first film adaptations to really disappoint me!

Do you agree with any I’ve chosen? What are your worst film interpretations of books?


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