Six for Sunday: 4th February 2018

I really wanted to get involved in this tag created by Steph over at alittlebutalot! Basically, each week there is a different topic to choose six books/bookish things for! You can find the prompts here. This week’s is:

Favourite Tropes

1. instalove

Who doesn’t love a bit of instalove?! Done correctly this trope can work so well although it’s certainly accompanied by a bit of eye-rolling.

Example: The One Memory of Flora BanksThe Truth and Lies of Ella Black

2. the bad boy with a soft side

We all love the tough guy who ends up being the hopeless romantic who you fall head over heels in love with. Think Flynn Rider becoming Eugene Fitzherbert. GAH!

Example: A Court of Mist and Fury (oh Rhys *swoons*), Me Before You

3. “just friends”

There’s nothing better than when two besties end up falling for each other (I’m basically living a YA contemporary trope IRL. It’s wonderful.). They know each other better than anyone, know each others flaws and likes and dislikes.

Example: Harry Potter’s Ron and Hermione. Too cute. 

4. love triangle

My favourite love triangles are those where you are left in a dilemma because you just don’t know who to root for! Am I team A or team B?

Example: Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses 

5. sassy anti-heroine

A good high fantasy ALWAYS should have a sassy stabby anti-heroine who is just totally badass and you love her for it. Celaena, Lada, Lira…there are so many!

Example: To Kill a Kingdom, And I Darken, Throne of Glass

6. the “chosen one”

Some books just wouldn’t be the same without the chosen one; it’s essential to the plot and the characterisation. Think Percy Jackson if Percy was just a side character, Harry Potter if Harry wasn’t Harry. It just wouldn’t work!

Example: Harry Potter

There are so many more tropes I could’ve chosen, along with many more wonderful books!

What are your favourite tropes? Are there any books that you think fit these tropes better?


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