An intriguing mystery with secret-agent children.

I was kindly approached by the author to review Whitehaven Beach based on my love of Cogheart and other middle grade mysteries, but unfortunately I just couldn’t get into it with the secret agents and science fiction vibe. That’s not to say it’s a bad book – having read other reviews and what I did read there is a market for this kind of book out there.

We start off meeting Marcus and Megan on the beach in England as they’re wishing for another adventure in their travelling beach hut, Parry. It doesn’t take long before their wish is granted and they’re whisked off to Australia to solve the mystery affecting Whitehaven Beach.

I wasn’t too struck on the writing style at times with it feeling like the descriptions were forced and unnecessary to the story, and it was a difficult one to get into. However, many people will like the  awareness of protecting the environment that this book shows, and younger readers will enjoy the secret agent aspect of the book. It’s a good book for children who are newly confident readers and looking for a good mystery!

Thank you to the author Cathy Maisano for sending me an eBook of this title!

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