NOW I KNOW MY AVOCADOS – Stephanie Wykoff


A fun take on learning your ABCs full of bright and bold illustrations.

Now I Know My Avocados is a different kind of picture book – it’s all about exploring the page and discovering the objects and creatures on it starting with that letter. Some of these are things that everyone knows and can easily identify, others are a little trickier! This makes it a perfect book to share as everyone can have fun looking and discovering what there is!

As you’ve probably guessed, I was very much sold on this book by the Ll page with a really cute llama on, but there’s definitely something for everyone here tucked among the pages. I like that at the back it does list everything you can discover so you don’t have to be frustrated if you’re not too sure like some books leave you. Also, the limited colour palette is really effective meaning that every object stands out beautifully.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Now I Know My Avocados as a fun  book for children and grown-ups to share to discover lots of new words and learn the alphabet.

“Now that we’ve searched from A through Z, next time what do you think we’ll see?”

Thank you to the author Stephanie Wykoff for sending me an eBook copy of this title!

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