THE SACRIFICE BOX – Martin Stewart


Stranger Things and Stephen King’s IT’s distant cousin.

It’s very rare that I DNF a book…but I simply had to with this one for my own sanity and to keep me reading. I had such high hopes for The Sacrifice Box, and whilst it wasn’t terrible, I just couldn’t keep forcing myself to turn the page. I was actively counting the percentage, hoping for it to miraculously be going up a lot so I knew I was closer to finishing but no! I made it to 25%, just!

We start off by meeting five, for want of a better term, friends who all place an item in the “sacrifice box” and swear an oath to never open the box. That’s about as far as my interest in the book went because after this point the characterisation got so confusing that I just couldn’t keep up with it! One minute it’s Sep, then it’s September, then it’s Hope. It. Made. No. Sense. I just couldn’t warm to a single one of them! I think the only character who I like has to be Mario, who seems to just be in the book for comic effect as he comes out with some great words of “wisdom”.

I had such high hopes for The Sacrifice Box – I adore IT and the idea of this book sounded very promising. I just don’t think that the story was executed effectively and that it was so slow and muddled for the reader that it just wasn’t engaging. This is a shame because it’s been very highly anticipated by so many readers, and Martin Stewart’s previous book Riverkeep has been very highly praised and, whilst I haven’t read it, it’s one that sounds brilliant. I don’t want to slate Stewart’s writing entirely – I don’t think he’s a bad writer as such (The Sacrifice Box hasn’t put me off giving Riverkeep a go in the future) and I’m hoping that it was just a case of this book simply wasn’t for me.

Thank you to Penguin via NetGalley for an eBook of this title.

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