A gripping and unique book that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

I can’t express just quite how much I LOVE this book; it’s so unique and exquisitely written!

The One Memory of Flora Banks is so much more than your average Young Adult contemporary novel, and, whilst it already sounds amazing from the blurb, there is a much deeper and engrossing story within its pages. Flora is such a relatable character as she navigates the challenges of growing up even though for her this is very much hindered by her amnesia and the over-protectiveness of her parents, but everyone can understand the feelings she experiences throughout the book. The fact that it’s a first-person narration means that we see the world entirely through Flora’s eyes and learn things along with her, and this made it a book that I simply couldn’t put down and meant that the twists throughout are even more unexpected!

Flora is a highly relatable character as it’s essentially a coming-of-age novel in my opinion. Many things she thinks and does are things that we all experience growing up and so it will resonate with so many readers. “I am ten years old. I don’t know why I am in a grown-up’s body. I hate it and I want to go home.” – even at the age of 23 I can relate to this, and I think many teens and young adults will too. It’s hard growing up; things change, life moves forward very suddenly and it can feel a bit like you’re a stranger in your own skin. I still feel like I’m a teenager trying to navigate through growing up!

This book had me feeling all warm and bitter-sweetly nostalgic, it had me in tears, it made me laugh (“…smiling at me in the manner of a person who would like me to leave. He is holding a set of keys.” – every retail worker will understand! ) and I just want to thrust it into everyone’s hands so that they read it too. Trust me, you won’t regret picking this one up! I can’t wait to see what Emily Barr comes up with next because she is definitely a talent in YA to look out for.

“Don’t panic, because everything is probably all right, and if it’s not, panicking will make it worse.”

Thank you very much to Penguin UK for sending me a proof copy of this book!

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