THE SMOKING HOURGLASS – Jennifer Bell, Karl J Mountford


The eagerly awaited sequel to The Uncommoner’s takes us back to Lundinor!

I can’t begin to describe just how excited I was for this book; book one, The Crooked Sixpence, was one of the best debuts I’ve ever read and so I couldn’t wait to see what Jennifer Bell has in store for us with book two.

When The Crooked Sixpence came out, many comments were thrown around about how it does a good job of filling in the void left by Harry Potter and I can’t disagree with that. Bell’s writing is exquisite and she has crafted a fascinating world that can only continue to grow. I remember being up until 2am reading the first book, being kept on the edge with the suspense of what was to come and being fully drawn into the world of Lundinor.

So, that brings us to The Smoking Hourglass. In all honesty, I did find that this one started off a bit slower than I had hoped BUT, once again, as soon as we’re taken to Lundinor I was lost completely in the world of the Uncommoners. This time, we get to visit Lundinor in Spring and the descriptions really bring it to life – it sounds incredible! The story really began to pick up pace at this point as we discover that Lundinor is once again at the mercy of a dastardly villain and it’s up to Ivy and Seb to get to the bottom of it, but will they be in time to save themselves and the entirety of Lundinor?

Finally, this would not be a proper review without a mention of the simply STUNNING cover and illustrations from the incredibly talented Karl J Mountford. I could sit and admire the cover for hours – it’s full of such detail and beautiful colours that bring the idea of a Spring Lundinor to life! As I was very very lucky and received a proof copy of this book, I have yet to see all of the inside illustrations but, from the one I have seen, they are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them in the finished book and see how my imagination matches up to them!

Thank you very much to the Penguin Huddle for sending me a proof copy of this book!

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